Monday, January 16, 2012

Galería Quetzalli

In 1986 Graciela Cervantes and Claudina López founded Galería Quetzalli.  For the past twenty-five years has promoted the most recognized artists of Oaxaca such as Francisco Toledo, Alejandro Santiago, Maximino Javier, and José Villalobos, and a select group of international artists.  They now have two spaces, the Galería Quetzalli at Constitución 104-1 and the Bodega Quetzalli at Murgía 400. Their website is

The bodega currently has an exhibition Jardin Etnobotanico de Oaxaca by Patrick Pettersson.  He was a guest artist in the resident artist program at La Curtiduría in July and August of 2008. The work, oil and engraving on wood, is from the residency.  You can see the engraving below in the lines on the leaves and flowers.  His website is

Last year the galeria presented work by Trine Ellitsgaard.  She was born in Denmark and trained as a weaver there but now lives in Oaxaca.  Her work in textiles uses different materials such as paper, gold thread, horsehair and copper and other materials. "My life in Oaxaca" is a piece in which Ellitsgaard combines silk with plastic, in this there are many knots, the creator said that "life here is complicated, so the knots, if I pay the phone it is very complicated, everything is a knot that you have to open." Below the textile has been woven with silk and the supplementary weft is plastic.

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