Sunday, April 3, 2011

Los Danzantes and El Timon

Los Danzantes
Holiday greeters in the courtyard in front of Los Danzantes

Let’s take a break and have something to eat. Oaxaca has many choices. Los Danzantes is a sister restaurant to one in Mexico City. It’s located off an interior courtyard on Macedonia Alcala between Bravo and Allende and is open for lunch and dinner starting at around 1:30 PM. While not traditional Oaxacan cuisine it is very upscale and combines modern and traditional elements in both food and décor. Normally they command top prices but on Wednesday and Friday they offer a price fix comida consisting of a mezcalito, sopa o entrada, plato fuerte, agua de sabor, postre, and café o té all for $105 (pesos) and prepared to their high standards. Get there early, it starts around 1:30 PM and when they run out your out of luck. For 25 pesos more they’ll throw in a glass of wine. Another nice thing about the comida, the chef gets to play. At most restaurants in town the menu rarely changes.
Before the lunch rush
Pools and the lounge area
Stuffed squash blossoms with chapulines
A starter of pasta with camaróne
The main course a chili stuffed with mariscos
A dessert of guayaba with a salsa of tuna
Los Danzantes movable awning of sails
El Timon

The second place, El Timon, is a hole in the wall with about 7 small tables. El Timon translates to the rudder so expect mariscos. The main thing here is tostadas or cócteles of mariscos, including camarón, pulpo, ceviche, almejas, y ostras or in English, shrimp, octopus, ceviche, clams, and oysters. You can also get a shrimp soup and on Fridays and Saturdays whole fried fish, usually Huachinango or red snapper. The ceviche here is better than at some of Oaxaca’s finest. The cóctele de camarón y pulpo is a personal favorite. The cócteles come in three sizes and you can wash one down with fresh limonada or naranjada, bottled water or coke. Everything is made to order including the limonada and it’s often a one man show so be prepared to wait. El Timon located on Matamoros between Porfirio Diaz and Garcia Vigil is open midday only from around 12:30 to about 6.  Unfortunately El Timon closed in January 2012.

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