Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mercado El Pochote

Over eight years ago with the help of the artist Francisco Toledo the organic market El Pochote opened on November 11, 2003. Originally located behind the colonial aqueduct in a beautiful tree shaded courtyard at García Vigil 817, but in July 2009 things changed with the market dividing into a daily market at Rayon 411, Xicoténcatl,  and a another at the the park of Santo Tomás, Xochimilco, open Fridays and Saturdays from about 10 in the morning through early afternoon.  The pictures here come from the original location and the current market in Xochimilco.

The market in Xochimilco usually has about 20 vendors selling fresh fruit and vegetables, coffee, mescal, pottery, weaving and embroidery, and prepared foods that range from tacos and memelas, to café, to Italian baked goods, to tejate, to Korean salads and Indian samosas, and back to tamales.  Although the market is small there a range of products which are difficult to find anywhere else.  While most vendors appear on a regular basis, offerings vary. 

The market in Xochimilco has become a gathering spot where friends meet for conversation and a bite to eat. A number of tables are set out under the shade of trees for people to gather so grab a chair, relax, and enjoy life. You can expect a bit of music to entertain you while you meet your friends.

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